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Knights of Valor 15 coming to the PlayStation 4, free to play

The 15th installment of the Knights of Valor has a brand new trailer, showing off some of the various characters from the saga as well as their awesome abilities. The free to play side scrolling beat em up will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2015 for Japan and Asia.


SteamWorld Heist Coming Spring 2015

SteamWorld Heist is a game about space adventures and survival. Recruit a team of rag-tag robots to explore and scavenge the remains of a destroyed world. Board enemy ships and command your crew in a unique variety of turn-based combat.

Developers Image & Form games are intending the game as a sequel/ spiritual successor to SteamWorld Dig and to release it on all current generation platforms, eventually.

for more check out the games website here.


The Great Ace Attorney’s TGS has been released

The latest in the ace attorney series is due to be set in England, featuring not only Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo as well as other prosecutors which also includes the likes of Sherlock Holmes and his 8 year old pink haired sidekick Watson.

Watch the video here, to see more from the game, which includes a demonstration of Sherlock’s phenomenal deduction capabilities.


  • Mojang bought for 2.5 Billion by Microsoft

    It’s official, Mojan has indeed been acquired by Microsoft for a whopping 2.5 billion dollars.

    The founders, Notch, Carl and Jakob will be leaving while most of if not all the current staff are expected to be kept on as part of Mojang projects or in other areas.

    Current versions of Minecraft will receive continued support as well as continued updates.

    Notch, majority shareholder of Mojang and man behind Minecraft felt the game became too big to allow working on other projects, leaving selling the company as the only option.



  • Age of Empires: Castle Siege announced

    New to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, Age of Empires: Castle Siege brings a fast-paced experience to touch-based screens while delivering all the strategy and combat Age of Empires is renowned for. Choose from one of several civilizations, expand your castle into a massive city, defend your walls against marauding empires and, when your newly trained army is ready, lay siege to other castles built by online opponents.

    Age of Empires: Castle Siege features:

    Empire-Building for those on the go: From building your castle into an impressive city, accumulating your resources to keep your fortress and your lands safe, to training your armies to both defend and attack your enemies, Castle Siege is built for you to enjoy the expansiveness of an Age of Empires game with the speed and simplicity of touch-based gaming.

    Built for Touch: Now all your strategizing, empire-building and sieging is controlled by the simple swipe of your finger. Drag paths on the touchscreen to command units directly in battle. Using this tactical control to counter your opponents’ defenses is crucial to victory.

    Connect with your Xbox Live Friends: Forge alliances with your Xbox Live friends, compete against other alliances for prized ‘crown count’, and fight your way to the top of the leaderboards.

    Recruit The Greatest Heroes: when times get tough, it’s time to call up heroes. From Richard the Lionheart to Charlemagne, Castle Siege will allow you to deploy them to turn the battle in your favor.

    Cross-platform play only on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8: If you have multiple Windows 8 devices, no matter. Your game progress is always saved to your Gamertag. Furthermore, you can battle friends across platforms, so any Windows 8 PC, tablet or Windows Phone 8 can join the siege.

    Several civilizations to choose from: Age of Empires: Castle Siege starts off with six civilizations from the Medieval Era, including Britons, Teutons and Kievan Rus. Each civilization has upwards of six unique “cultural units”, along with cavalry and trebuchets equipment.

    Recreate Famous Historical Battles: play through 10 historical battles, including the Siege of Marienburg and the Fall of Constantinople.