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by Abdul Rob

To begin with, I will clarify that I am muslim, and my stance on game lore Is that I don’t endorse the lore of any titles, nor do I let any of them define my viewpoints or beliefs. This includes all titles covered here so far/

This is for various reasons but it’s clear that story elopements in games can be a problem, example being the problematic scene from Tomb Raider that made headlines.

It’s good that people do critique gaming elements, but we should also critique the full spectrum of the narrative, and certainly not let definitively fictional media reinforce real world thought.

I, as well you, have beliefs, and I ask that we both not put up with problematic elements in games or let them define, or reinforce our beliefs as it would be foolish to base our beliefs on anything other then the truth,

Setting, story, plot and lore element’s don’t only include interactions between characters, but also the religious, philosophical, political etc elements such as how war is depicted both in FPS’s and outside of them, or producing fictional religions, or religious beliefs used for narrative. These should also be critiqued, as they can also be impacting due to the nature of the topics, and not allowed to trivialize or reinforce ideas.

While games can be a reflection of society at large, a reflection itself doesn’t necessarily corroborate a view point. The reflections of society found in gaming, in my opinion, are to be examined for what they say about us outside of gaming and not to be given a free pass for justification / defining of beliefs about anything.

Gaming is an interactive medium, the product of a person or person’s work, reflections on society, and should be treated as such, fictional, and at best virtual simulations of real world history, hence subject to critique by society and should not be definitive of the critique and viewpoints of society.

I’m not a lore buff.

I’ve always been someone who’s played primarily due to game play / interactivity and somewhat for visuals [not necessarily realistic graphics but presentation], I don’t necessarily feel this is a bad or good thing, just what I’ve focused on. I have followed lore in the past, but frankly never to a deep degree, so I myself will be more critical of games, this is not necessarily in reference to future post content but at the least on a personal level.

I don’t endorse any of the lore from games I’ve posted, and I don’t know if I will endorse the lore of future games covered here, as I feel they’re for critique from my real world beliefs then endorsement.