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In this weeks edition of Guild Wars 2 Get The Look we take a look at the convention breaking chic fashion styles coming out of Hoelbraek! Namely those from the Norn Collection of The Citirplaysguildwars Boutique!

The Citri Boutique throws convention to the curve and redefines contemporary styling on what may to the less observant eye seem like the washing got mixed up but there is a certain je ne se quoi about how it all come together for what in the very least can be described as a striking appearance.

I had the oppertunity to ask Citri what inspired her to come up with the combination -

“Well I always try to make my characters unique and a little bit silly. In Guild Wars 1, I use a lot of weird and ugly armor combinations, all dyed in mismatching colors, with a lot of pink crowns. The pink crowns are kind of my signature look now so I definitely wanted to carry that style into Guild Wars 2”

I also asked her about the mask

"lol the mask…I was surprised to see the different masks in the mesmer character creation. For me the Harlequins Smile (or whatever its called) fit my personality the best. And then I saw you could dye the different parts of the mask and played around with it under I found something horrifying and awesome. I think the new dyes in GW2 really play a part in making your armor as crazy and memorable as you want

I’m just really excited to make ugly characters in GW2!“

I then had a chat with the Norn model on how she felt about the outfit. To begin with I asked how she felt about the outfit as a Norn considering those of us more accustomed to Human fashion are used to seeing these sort of outfits on some of our more party going celebrities like Ke$ha or Lady Gaga to which she responded by saying

"Parties? A Norn never turns down a good party! Can’t leave out some bear wrestling and boulder throwing from a good party! Tell me human, what feats of strength have this “Ke$ha” and "Gaga" achieved?"

The only example I could think of was Ke$has choice of Jack Daniels whisky for oral hygiene as well as Gaga’s garish visual styling well suited for her “Monster” album title. I shouldn’t have been surprised by a Norns take on this -

"She uses the bottle itself to brush her teeth? Sounds like a truely fiercsome warrior! And they call this Gaga "Monster"!? I imagine their disposition and appareance are fiercesome to match!

Before I could explain she had already set her mind :

"Then truly this is the dress of Warriors!"

To which I responded with an “I guess you could say that” since who was I to argue with a Norns sense of appropriate battle attire ? Though some part of me still felt that something would feel out of place watching a Norn charge into battle in florescent colours, but the times have moved on and so has the fashion.

Norn fashion seems to be getting something of an overhaul with Citri leading the way, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more outlandish New wave Norn fashion gracing our screens in the coming future, there’s already rumors that the Kleptonecro Kollection will be coming out with the Male line equivalent.

Got something you want to share on the latest Tyrian fashion trends? then don’t forget to submit it as a post!