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One to Watch #02 HAWKEN

When a games title has a letter facing backwards, you know its going to be cool. Hawken is an upcoming free-to-play mecha based first person shooter by Adhesive Games, published by Meteor Entertainment.

Why should you be interested?

Mecha games seem to be seeing something of a resurgence, with Mech Warrior Online and now Hawken making waves amongst the gaming media and community.

The lure of these games is the differences they offer from a market saturated with modern military shooters and general lack of interesting or more engaging game play.

Mech games differ from normal shooters by allowing you to customize your mechs themselves as well as your load out. It also means that game play differs from the currently popular instant twitch, whack a mole type game play seen in more popular fps franchises that mean gun fights don’t last very long and hence rely more on immediate reaction rather then strategy or control over a longer period.

Hawken differs itself from Mech Warrior Online not only by being free to play but also its aesthetics and game play.

Visuals and Setting

The visuals of Hawken are something special, as the mech, UI and environment style merge what would be seen in western mech franchises with lumbering bi pedal vehicles in grungy environments with more fast moving humanoid gundam like mechs in more varied, colourful and in my opinion interesting environments. All of this is done to a triple A standard.

The game play also reflects this as the different mechs available as well as the customization mean you can change the way in which you play, which itself is rather fast paced in comparison to Mech Warrior Online, if the latters game play videos are anything to go by. Hawken also gives players unlimited ammo but places an overheating mechanic (shutting down all weapons for a period) in the game to keep it action packed but tactful.

The mechs mobility will be aided by the ability to side dash, boost and turn 180° turns. There are also Energy units which fuel and buy certain items such as turrets and Destroyer ships for siege mode - these can be found by destroying other mechs and acquiring the EU they were holding.

Hawken also seems to have a high degree of production value, something reports by gaming media seem to confirm with the game having already receiving wide praise from just about everyone who’s tried it.

Gameplay Modes include - free-for-all deathmatch, “siege” and another yet-specified unique team game mode and a planned & horde mode. All across 7 to 8 maps on release (with more planned as DLC) using three basic mech types (heavy/general/light) - fought over by 5-6 players on each side.

With the price being set as free (with cash shop), this is one I’ll definitely be trying out and posting more on.

Platform - PC

Pricing - Free-to-Play (with Cash Shop)

Release Date - 12th December 2012

Developer - Adhesive Games

Publisher - Meteor Entertainment

Website -

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