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Understanding the Modular Computer

Quotes from Xi3’s Kickstarter campaign video

Design Philosophy :

Aaron Rowsel (Chief Operating Officer at Xi3) -

“we started by writing the flaws in computers- they were too big, they were too heavy, they weren’t upgrade-able they way they need to be upgrade-able because you couldn’t alter the the motherboard”

David Politis (Chief Marketing Officer at Xi3)

“this concept of built in obsolescence (in current PC’s) really is a problem, it fills our landfills, it uses more natural resources, and at the end of the day its really more expensive”

On the Modular Computer :

Aaron Rowsel - 

"we extend the life of the comp by allowing it to change…. so your going to keep these computers for 5,7 maybe even 10 years"

Jason Sullivan (CEO/Inventor) - 

“If you took a hacksaw and cut up a stand motherboard into 3 ideal pieces  that’s basically what a modular motherboard is - what that allows you to do is kind of think of it as lego’s.

You can mix and match or change pieces of the motherboard for particular applications so one day you may have it in a kiosk and it has special inputs  and outputs for that kiosk. The next day you decide well I want to move to a different application so you can put in a i/o card or a piece of that motherboard that’s designed specif for that environment”

Specs & Performance :

Jason Sullivan

"we’ve taken dual core 64 bit processors and stuffed them into 40 square inches" (upgraded to quad core since)

"this runs at 20 watts" (up to 40 watts since)

"the product is load bearing at thousands of pounds, we’ve actually driven trucks over it"

David Politis

"it;s a 64bit, x86 based machine"

Aaron Rowsel

"It’s a fully functional desktop computer that’ll do pretty much anything you need it to do"