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  • Killabytes has reached 25,000 followers!25k

    Thanks to all the followers and everyone who has helped and supported the blog in the past and present.

    This blog began as just a personal outlet for all my gaming related thoughts and ideas with the domain for the blog being registered a year and a month ago. Back then I had no idea it would come this far in such a short amount of time but the response from the Tumblr community has been fantastic.

    This first milestone  will be followed by some changes to the blog, some of which were outlined in blog direction post made on the first of January.

    To begin with the blog will resume putting out its regular columns alongside all the content you’ve come to be familiar with as well as more news, discussion and opinion pieces.

    That’s not all though, with in the next couple of days the blog will also be getting a new theme to go with its new direction as part of the first of a gradual series of steps to hopefully take the blog to the next stage.

    More will be revealed when the time is appropriate to do so, but do watch this space and continue supporting the blog, as it’s come this far with your help and could go further still.

    Thanks again to all of my followers.


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