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One to Watch #13: Chasm


Chasm is a currently in development procedurally generated action rpg with Metroid style dungeons, wrapped up in a gorgeous 2D pixel graphic world.

The developers are aiming to bring the best of retro gaming back in this title, and what’s cool is you can judge how well they’ve done this in the demo they’ve made available.

Chasm Demo - 

Windows Download requires XNA 4 runtime

Mac OXS 10.5+ requires Mono framework

Linux see instructions

Current and Planned Features 

  • Explore expansive procedurally-generated Metroid-like dungeons in six diverse areas. Never play the same dungeon twice!
  • Enjoy smooth, responsive control, challenging retro gameplay and gorgeous authentic pixel art (320×180 native resolution) 
  • Discover new special abilities and powers to reach previously inaccessible areas
  • Play how you want by equipping weapons, spellbooks, shields, and more to both hands
  • Uncover random loot drops and rare items
  • Battle massive bosses & mini-bosses
  • Avoid devious traps and platforming hazards
  • Includes Normal and Hardcore (Scored with Permadeath) Modes
  • Leaderboards for Hardcore playthroughs featuring quickest time, least damage taken, and more
  • Windows, Mac, & Linux versions with Gamepad support

Platform - PC, Mac, Linux

Pricing -  Buy to Play.

Developer - Discord Games

Publisher - Steam, possibly others



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