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Now Playing: Cube World - Day 1

by Abdul Rob

I should begin this post clarifying that when I say Day 1 I mean that almost literally as I had played this for a very long after finally getting some time to focus on it. Suffice it to say, I’m very pleased with the game, eve at this super early alpha stage.

I decided to go with a Frog man, as it was reminiscent of Chrono Trigger. After trying out a few different classes, I decided to begin with the Ranger as it was very novice friendly. I did also make a Goblin mage, but he’ll be on the back burner for now.

The draw of the game, and why I spent so long in it was due to the sense of adventure and exploration to be had in it. The sheer number of different worlds, meant that there’s just so much to see that it’s unlikely you’ll see most of it.

Over the time spent in game on the first “day”, I noticed i had a bad habit of running into red names (high difficulty foes) all too often, but that didn’t stop me from trying my luck. I found that even among the red names, the difficulty also varies as I was able to take out some whilst others, like the Ogre just completely stomped me.

I also eventually managed to tame a pet cat, who later on I was able to use as a mount. I had been planning on getting a Cow mount but I would find out via Google search that they aren’t tamable, to my dismay. Oh well there’s always Alpaca’s.

The game start’s off a little difficult but once you get the hang of your class, controls and get to Town it soon picks up. 

One of the perhaps to some, less significant points of the game, which stood out to me, was the night time - without a lamp or knowledge of how to turn it on it would eventually get eerily dark. This was to the point where the environments contrast with night sky would be the only thing apart from the compass giving you a sense of what your moving towards, but this was actually welcome as it felt more appropriate to how the wilderness in a fantasy game should do - mysterious, dangerous and creepy.

Money wasn’t too hard to come by, they drop from mobs and you can sell items you find to get them - for me personally I just harvested 50 pumpkins at a time to sell for 1.5s and kept the rest of my items.

Being an alpha, there isn’t a tutorial in game, you’re just dumped smack bang in the middle of the game, but that in turn actually provides a lot of immersion as you figure out how to do things. I did have to Google a few things however, but the game play was mostly very intuitive.

The mechanics feel very The Legend of Zelda like, and in a good way. Even at this stage, the simple addition of some puzzle elements and a decent narrative (as well as bug fixes) to be comparable to The Legend of Zelda series but of course, Wolay and Picroma have far bigger pans in minds and one has to wonder just how much more awesome this can get.

The map themselves tend to consist of a main town, some objectives marked with double swords, open world and instanced dungeons as well as named areas. All dungeons (over ground or instanced) and double swords require a multi player to stand a chance.

I would go through dark caverns, filled with bats and precious stones to collect and scale mountains till I could almost touch the clouds. Along the way I would come across some very interesting and monstrous creatures. Some of the most memorable include the Ogre which was powerful enough to destroy the environment with its attacks, Witches who would laser beam you to death if caught in the open, House size dual great-sword wielding Minotaur’s,  Skull Bulls, giant humans and an odd looking giant red glowing monster which I didn’t catch the name off but I did know that my attacks didn’t even tickle it and that it almost scaled up an entire mountain (from on top of which I was attacking it) to get to me - I managed to get way though.

If you can’t tell already, I’m absolutely smitten with this game, so much so that I would consider making a video series for it, in the mean time I’ll blog my adventures.


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