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Buyers Guide - The Steam Winter Sale 2013: Day 12

by Abdul Rob

The twelfth day’s deals brings us, among other genres, a whole host of great shooter titles.

My choice from today’s deals are - 

Alan Wake - an older title, but for the price it’s going for you’ll be getting an excellently pieced together story driven game that experiments with both plot and game play mechanics. This in turn makes for a survival horror with an atmosphere and experience that will stay with you and one worth spending some money to pick up.

While I’ve only gone with a single stand out pick for today I should also mention that Metro: Last Light and Outlast are also two great horror titles and also worth checking out. Grand Theft Auto 4 is also great value for money (especially with the DLC and mods) especially while we wait for a Grand Theft Auto 5 port to PC. 


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