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Buyers Guide - The Steam Winter Sale 2013: Day 13

by Abdul Rob

The new year’s eve sees one of the best selection of games on sale for the daily deals.While I feel some of the titles could have been discounted further, just about every title here is worth your time if not the money at their current price. Having said that, there are still a few titles that I can be more confident in recommending over others

My choices from today’s deals are as follows - 

Mark of the Ninja - One of the best 2D stealth games to come out in recent years, packaged in a very stylish world which makes heavy use of silhouette for it’s atmosphere. Super cheap price for a great indie title.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - For the price it’s going for, you will be getting one of the best turn based strategy titles out there. The game play is top notch, and this is throughout the heaps of default content you get from the title, which is then supplemented with multi-player options. If you’re looking for a strategy title to throw your hours into, this is definitely one to consider.

Apart from those I would recommend picking up Half-Life 2 to experience a truly classic title, Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers for a collectible card game that’s great for a relaxed, yet at times also intense experience. The remaining titles are ones that I feel are a little too steeply priced or I’m not yet familiar with enough to recommend (Planetary Annihilation, though it does seem pretty cool).


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