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Buyers Guide - The Steam Winter Sale 2013: Day 14

by Abdul Rob

The daily deals for new years day consist of an assortment of indie titles, older and some newer smash hits and even budgeting software.

With more and more software appearing on Steam I do wonder how or if Valve are intent on making Steam go from solely a games related platform to software in general.

Whatever the case may be with Valves plans for the future, I do have some must buy’s from today’s selection, and they are - 

Civilization 5 - Civilization games have always been the sort to stand the test of time better then most titles out there and Civilization 5 is no exception. A game series which has it’s mechanics locked down securely, Civilization 5 is the sort of game where you may end up getting lost in for many, many more hours then you expect to whenever you sit down for a session. The core game itself is enough to provide an immense amount of intense strategy and game play time, but there’s also plenty of DLC on top of it to spice things up. A title worth every penny for the price it’s going for.

Just Cause 2 - Just plain, over the top fun. Just Cause 2 is the sort of game that want’s to enable you to do as crazy over the top stunts as you can possibly conceive and handle in it’s action-movie on steroids setting. Recently a multi-player mod was made available for the game which will only ramp up the level of craziness you can find in game. The price is also cheap enough for you to pick it up if you’re just curious about the experience, without burning a hole in your wallet.

I would have recommended The Walking Dead: Season 2, and while it’s price is lower then other titles that have appeared on the daily deals it sitll could have been discounted further. On that note, I should also point out that The Walking Dead: Season 1 is on sale for a very discounted price for just under 24 hours.


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